Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Peridot is the national gemstone of Egypt. In ancient times, Egypt was the primary source of the Peridot,stone, which was called the ‘Gem of the Sun’. It is believed that the gemstones worn by the Queen Cleopatra were Peridot, not not Emeralds..
. Peridot is one of the few gemstones that occur in only one color, a yellow to olive green. The intensity and tint depends on how much iron is contained in the crystal structure. The most valued color is a dark olive-green. Peridot is a type of Olivine, which is a common mineral often found in lavas and in inclusions which lavas carry to the surface. Peridot can be also found in meteorites. Olivine is an abundant mineral, but gem quality Peridot is rare.
Today, most of the Peridot supply comes from Arizona; other sources are China, Myanmar, and Pakistan.

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