Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Citrine is part of the quartz family of stones, and the color ranges from a pale yellow to a deep, almost sherry color. Citrine is usually found inside geodes, and more rarely in larger formations which can weigh several pounds although most are not of gem quality.
Citrine has been used ornamentally on tools and in the jewelry for thousands of years. In ancient Greece, it was popular gem during the Hellenistic Age, around 300 to 150 B.C. In the 17th century, Scottish weapon makers used Citrine on dagger handles. One of the most popular designs was using a single large stone as the handle itself.
Queen Victoria adored Citrine and, during her reign, it became a popular gemstone for Scottish kilt pins and shoulder brooches.
Brooch of Citrine and Stamped Gold 1850-1865
The Victoria & Albert Museum

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