Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Topaz comes in many colors, including clear, brown, yellow, orange, red, pink and blue. The fine golden-yellow variety, known as Imperial Topaz, is relatively scarce. The most common color is yellow with a red tint; the most valuable is pink to reddish.
The blue Topaz is the state stone of Texas.
The El-Dorado Topaz is the largest faceted gemstone in the world and weighs 31,000 carats- almost 14 pounds! It is an emerald-cut yellow topaz gemstone that was found in Brazil. It is now on display at The Programa Royal Collections based in Madrid. The American Golden Topaz, which is the biggest cut yellow topaz gem, weighs almost 23,000 carats and is on display in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C. It is one of the largest faceted gems in the world and two years were taken to cut the 172 facets.. The Chalmers Topaz is another huge cut topaz, and weighs about 6.000 carats. It is white with a blue cast and is a brilliant-cut oval-shaped gem. It is displayed at the Field Museum of Natural History, USA.
From left to right: The El-Dorado, The American Golden and The Chalmers all in hand to show their amazing size.

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