Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pearls are an organic gemstone, and this means they are softer and are more easily scratched and damaged. A bit of special attention will ensure your pearls will stay beautiful and last a lifetime.
First, chemicals, alcohol, detergents, chlorinated water and acids can permanently dull a pearls' luster. Always apply perfume, hair spray, and other cosmetics before putting on your pearls.This minimizes the amount chemicals that comes into contact with the pearls. After wearing your pearls, you may wipe them with a soft cloth or cotton balls to remove any moisture or traces of chemicals.. You can use non-chlorinated water to clean your pearls if necessary, but stay away from soap, chemicals, or anything abrasive (including toothpaste).
Second, to prevent scratches or other damage, pearls should be stored away from other sharp or hard jewelry items. Always wrap them in a soft cloth or store them n a soft-lined container or pouch. .Protect your pearls from extremes of heat, sunlight, and dryness. Don't store pearls in a plastic bag or other airtight container as ultra- dry air may cause them to crack. You may place a damp cloth near your pearls if you have to store them in a hot or dry place for any length of time
Lastly, do wear your pearls often. What's the use of having something so beautiful and never wearing them? Pearls are perfect for day or evening and look wonderful whether they are worn with blue jeans or silk.

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