Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Rock trivia: Moonstone

 The Greeks and Romans thought Moonstone was formed out of moonlight. Moonstone amulets have been around for centuries and tied to legends of the moon goddesses of Egypt, Greece and Rome. In India today, moo...nstone is considered to be sacred and magical. In the Far East moonstone is said to balance energies and promote greater mental and emotional flexibility.
Moonstone is a member of the feldspar group of gemstones. Fine moonstone is quite rare and is becoming rarer everyday. The finest sources are in Burma, Sri Lanka and India. The stone is notable for its inner light, called shiller. Moonstone's color range includes colorless, white, gray, brown, yellow, orange and peach. The schiller can be white to deep blue. This glow is caused when two different types of feldspar with different refractive indexes grow together. The resulting effect occurs when a ray of light enters one layer and is refracted back and forth between the layers before leaving the stone.

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