Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Rock trivia: Topaz

 Most Topaz is colorless, but colors include blue, pale green, and the spectrum of yellow through sherry orange to pink, and most unique, red.
Colorless topaz is very common and has little value. Natural blue topaz is very light in color and is treated to produce colors from very light, to sky-blue, to almost an inky dark blue.
Rare pastel pink topaz is found in Pakistan and Ru...ssia. When pink topaz was first discovered in Russia, ownership was restricted to the Czar and his family and those to who he gave it as a gift. This is why fine colored topaz is known as imperial topaz.
Almost all imperial topaz is mined in Brazil. Other shades, including yellow, peach, orange, and brown precious topaz are called precious topaz. Precious topaz is found in Brazil and Sri Lanka.

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